How to Know When a Woman Wants You and the Signs She Will Give You

Published: 29th October 2009
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We all know how challenging it is to know when a girl likes you. You likely also know that it can be even more frustrating to know if she really does. I know where your coming from; it took me many long years to learn their signals. Read on and I will share some fabulous secrets with you.

Time to Take Your First Step in Knowing How To Tell If a Girl Likes You

Your path of learning is just beginning to discover how to read their signs. Ladies are not always easy to read. Visualize how much your life will be altered after you recognize how to read their signals. Keep reading to discover just what these signals are.

Signals a Lady Actually Desires You

She Looks: You catch her taking a look your way - you just received signal #1. Is she trifling with her hair while she is looking at you? If she is, you are in like Flynn. It's time to begin making your move.

You Have Her Full Attention: Now that you have snuck in closer to her and she gives you her attention, you know she wants you. If she does, you just might be becoming the center of her universe. If she gives off flirty body language, then you are about to get knocked off your feet. She is now starting to melt like candy in your hands.

You will know you have her under your command when she laughs at every dumb thing you say. Make a hot woman laugh, and you will make her day. Be in command, have a optimistic mindset and you will make her happy.

Then She Reaches out and Touches You: If you have played the game correctly, she might start to touch you in a intimate manner. You should immediately see this as a big sign! A woman will only reach out and touch you when she is beginning to feel comfortable with you. It's your chance to demonstrate to her the same affectionate touch back. Don't be to apparent. Be subtle!.

You Now Know The Base Signs. Now You Need to Know How to Dominate!

Now that you have read these simple signs to know if a girl likes you, you need to know more on how to get a girl to like you in the first place. Go to this page and learn to overcome your fears and learn how to get a girl to like you anytime you want. You also need to visit to get even more free dating tips that will change your lonely life forever!

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